Information about mopay

  • What is mopay?

    mopay is a payment solution for your purchases on the internet, which makes it possible for you to pay with your mobile phone in an easy and secure way. You can use mopay in more than 1,000 games, in social networks and in online shops. Each month mopay processes millions of transactions in more than 80 countries. mopay is operated by mopay AG.

  • How do I use mopay?

    To successfully buy goods on the internet with mopay, the only thing you have to provide is your mobile phone number. No sensitive data like your credit card or bank account number, address or even name are required.

    IMPORTANT: Unlike earlier payment methods, you have to select mopay for every purchase by clicking the mopay button.

    In general, there are four different payment procedures, when paying with mopay, depending on your country and your merchant:

    a. After entering your mobile number you will receive a TAN sent to you via SMS. You then only have to enter the TAN into the mopay payment window.

    b. After entering your mobile number you may be asked to send a SMS to a certain short code.

    c. You may be asked to send a SMS to a certain short code, without entering your mobile number first.

    d. After entering your mobile number you may receive a SMS, with instructions how to proceed, which tells you to answer with “ok” or another certain key word.

  • What are the advantages of paying with mopay?

    Paying with your mobile phone is the safest and easiest payment option on the internet. Whether you are on the road or at home, wherever you take you mobile phone you can pay with mopay. The amount of your purchase will be billed to your mobile phone account. No need to register or log in – paying with mopay literally takes only a blink of an eye.

  • What mobile network providers are supported by mopay?

    mopay is available in more than 80 countries and is connected to more than 400 network operators.

  • I have a prepaid mobile account. Does it work with mopay?

    You can also use mopay with your prepaid mobile phone card. Your purchases will be billed to your credit balance. If the amount of credit on your prepaid account is not sufficient, the purchase will be cancelled.

  • What do I need to use mopay?

    To complete an online purchase with mopay, you need a SMS-capable mobile phone with an active mobile account or sufficient credit on your prepaid card. You do not need a credit card or a bank account to pay with mopay.

  • Do I need to register to use mopay?

    No. You can pay with your mobile phone without registering. You do not need a username or a password either.

  • Do I get an invoice of my purchases?

    Please refer to “Information about my.mopay“.

  • What do I see on my phone bill?

    For purchases through mopay either the name of the shop or game, mopay, or mopay AG, operator of mopay, will appear on the phone bill. For legal reasons, some mobile network providers do not explicitly link single postings on the phone bill to the respective merchants. Depending on your network operator, you can get an itemisation report, to get an overview of your purchases. Please contact your mo-bile operator for further information.

  • Are there any additional costs when paying with mopay?

    Depending on the network operator, additional costs for sent text messages may occur. Please read mopay’s user agreement, which you will find in the bottom of the payment window, to find out whether these costs are included within the service or game.

  • Why is mopay safer than other payment options?

    When you use mopay for purchases, you have to confirm every payment with a transaction number (TAN) sent to you from mopay. Only after verifying this TAN in the payment window online, will the purchase be completed. This way, mopay makes sure that purchases can only be billed to mobile phones that actually belong to a consumer.

  • Is my personal data safe with mopay?

    mopay does not require any kind of registration. The only data mopay gets is your mobile phone number. As there is no personal data attached to this number, consumers paying with mopay are completely anonymous and thus secured against data loss.

Information about my.mopay

  • How do I use my.mopay?

    my.mopay is our consumer portal where you can take a look at your purchases via mopay. You can download invoices, get vouchers and de- or reactivate services you paid with mopay. To log in to this free service simply provide your mobile phone number – as always with mopay.

  • Do I have to register to use my.mopay?

    No. To pay with your mobile phone via mopay you do not have to register at all. No user name or password is required.

  • Which personal data is stored by my.mopay?

    Paying with mopay solely requires a mobile phone number. No personal or financial details are needed. Therefore mopay does not store any consumer data except a mobile phone number. Buying via mopay you are billed by your mobile network operator that you provided your details with.

  • Can mopay be blocked for single merchants?

    Yes. At my.mopay you can manage all merchants you have purchased goods at via mopay - this includes blocking and unblocking mopay for single merchants. Once blocked you cannot use mopay anymore for your purchases with this specific merchant.

  • Can mopay be unblocked again?

    Unblocking mopay for single merchants and services is just as easy as blocking it. The moment you have unblocked mopay you can purchase goods with the respective merchant via mopay again.

  • Do I receive an invoice for my purchases?

    Your purchases via mopay will be listed on your monthly mobile network operator bill along all other charges.

  • How can I get an invoice for a used service including VAT in case not provided by my network operator?

    Just contact our customer care team using the contact form (when logged in to my.mopay) and request an invoice for a specific time frame & used service.

Information about mopay voucher

  • What is a mopay voucher?

    You received a mopay voucher via SMS on your mobile phone. Mopay voucher is a unique code worth a certain amount of money. You can use this code to pay for goods and services with mopay.

  • Why did you receive a mopay voucher?

    There are different reasons for getting a mopay voucher:

    1. Technical problems occurred while paying with mopay:

    While you were paying with mopay something went wrong. Although the mopay payment process was incomplete you were charged a certain amount of money. Possible reasons for this could be:

    • You sent in a wrong keyword via SMS to a short code

    • You sent in a keyword to a short code without being asked to in the mopay payment window

    • Technical problems occurred with your mobile network operator

    Even if you didn’t receive your product or service due to such technical prob-lems, your free mopay voucher ensures that you get the respective amount of money, which you already paid for. You may redeem your voucher the next time you pay with mopay.

    2. You were participating in a voucher campaign:

    You participated in a certain voucher campaign initiated by your merchant, your network operator or mopay. The voucher you received may be used as a gift or promotional coupons either for your next purchase with mopay or at a specific merchant.

  • What can I do with a mopay voucher?

    There are two different ways how a voucher can be used:

    1. Either you received a voucher SMS which instructs you to use your voucher the next time you pay with mopay in general or at a certain merchant.

    2. Or you received a voucher SMS which instructs you to login to my.mopay.com in order to allocate your mopay voucher.

  • I was asked to in the voucher SMS to login to my.mopay.com. How do I check on my mopay voucher or generate one online at my.mopay.com?


    Four simple steps will get you there:

    1. Log in to my.mopay.com with your mobile phone number. For further information regarding the log-in and registration process, please refer to help at my.mopay.com.

    2. In the section “vouchers” you can find an overview of all vouchers available

    3. Hit the “get voucher” button to generate a voucher code if not done automatically by mopay.

  • How do I redeem a mopay voucher?

    For your next purchase with mopay simply click “Use promotion or gift voucher?”

    Provide your mobile phone number and voucher code and click continue.

    After successful validation of your data click continue to complete the purchase.

    That’s it! You have successfully redeemed your mopay voucher.